1. Battle of the Bands

  2. Best of Hall 2021

    Best of Hall 2021

    One vote per person, per day is allowed in each category. Creating additional emails to vote more than one time per person is not allowed.

    Buying votes or offering items in a direct exchange for votes is not allowed. For example, offering a discount on a purchase in exchange for a screen shot is not allowed.

    You may offer some sort of "customer appreciation drawing" during the voting period to promote your name, but you can not ask for proof of voting as a condition for entry.

    You may notice ads relating to the contest as you view the content. Those ads are not mandatory to participate, and are not used to determine a winner, but anyone who would like to participate can contact us at

    This is intended to be a local contest. Paying a third party to add to your vote total by any means is prohibited. Any fraudulent votes will be removed, and this can result in immediate disqualification from the contest. If you are contacted with any sort of offer of this type, please forward the information to

    Winners of the Best of Hall County 2021 will be notified once voting is completed at the end of November.

  3. Halloween candy quiz

    Halloween candy quiz

  4. How Much Do You Know About Skin Cancer?
  5. Music Survey

  6. Test Your Home Energy IQ

    Test Your Home Energy IQ

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